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BLESS MARVEL, they’ve officially released this in HD

I think most everyone on my dash could use happy dancing Groot today <3

Artist: Robin Williams
Album: Aladdin
Song: Friend Like Me
Plays: 240,017

“Master, I don’t think you quite realise what you’ve got here. So why don’t you just ruminate whilst I illuminate the possibilities.”

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Artist: Ocarina of Time

Song: End Credits
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End Credits - Ocarina of Time


(round one) [jelder5591]


(round one) [jelder5591]

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n. pl. sto·ries
1. An account or recital of an event or
a series of events, either true or fictitious.

[inspired by]

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Dancing Groot made me so happy.

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Final Fantasy X + Music

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"The story that I want to tell you cannot be found in a book. They say that the history of the west was written from the saddle of a horse, but it’s never been told from the heart of one. Not till now. I was born here, in this place that would come to be called the. But, to my kind, the land was ageless. It had no beginning and no end, no boundary between earth and sky. Like the wind and the buffalo, we belonged here, we would always belong here. They say the mustang is the spirit of the West. Whether that west was won or lost in the end, you’ll have to decide for yourself, but the story I want to tell you is true. I was there and I remember. I remember the sun, the sky, and the wind calling my name in a time when we ran free. I’ll never forget the sound and the feeling of running together. The hoof beats were many, but our hearts were one."

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I feel I’m catching the whole hey, Final Fantasy X-2 doesn’t deserve the hate it gets train some years late, but… hey, Final Fantasy X-2 doesn’t deserve the hate it gets.

FFX-2 is by no means perfect and could have used some polishing in certain aspects and a lot in others (that’s basically my opinion about most FF games, though), but I can’t agree with the most common criticisms of the game.

I like how the game starts with a reversal of the usual videogame excuse plot—though instead of the guy journeying to save the girl, you have the girl journeying to save the guy. C’mon, she even gains the ability to jump. And she’s a shortie. Doesn’t that remind you of a certain someone?

Horrible jokes aside, I like that the reason Yuna starts her new adventure keeps on playing with the role reversals of her relationship with Tidus. Remember that scene in the ship to Kilika where you thought—or I thought, at least—that Tidus would somehow defend Yuna from the Luca Goers… and then she ended up defending him from their sport anime insults? In one of FFX’s most misunderstood scenes, she, the summoner, is the one who promises her guardian that she’d come running to save him when he’s in trouble… And in the end, he, the guardian, is the one who ends up sacrificing himself to defeat Sin.

However, looking for a way to find Tidus is just the reason Yuna begins her new adventure, but not her journey’s final destination. And I think that people tend to misunderstand this point very often. As Eternal Calm shows, Yuna is kind of… lost in the current Spira, but one of the most important things in the whole game is that she changes, she gets to find peace with herself and also a new place in the world.

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Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD REmix